Lega Siaka posts maiden ICUP Century in loss to UAE

Cricket Papua New Guinea, Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:09AM

The HEBOU PNG Barramundis lost their International Cricket Council (ICC) Round 5 Intercontinental Cup (ICUP) fixture against United Arab Emirates (UAE) by nine (9) wickets, despite a fighting century by Lega Siaka in Abu Dhabi yesterday.


Resuming Day 4 on 4/152, Lega Siaka and Sese Bau negated the early onslaught of the UAE bowlers, before Bau (30) was caught behind off the bowling of Mohammad Naveed. Mahuru Dai was trapped in front soon after by Ahmed Raza and when Jack Vare (14) was bowled by Imran Haider, the HEBOU PNG Barramundis were facing an innings defeat early in the day at 7/237.


Chad Soper then joined Siaka, putting on a half-century eighth wicket partnership to ensure that the hosts had to bat again, before Soper became Naveed’s second victim. In the meantime, the little pocket-rocket from Hanuabada Village, Siaka had no troubles, making a well compiled debut ICUP/First Class century. When Nosiana Pokana was the last HEBOU PNG Barramundis dismissed, Siaka was still unbeaten on 142 runs off 232 balls out of a team score of 286. His innings consisted of 23 boundaries, batting nearly 80 overs and becoming the third HEBOU PNG Barramundis’ player after Assad Vala (3) and Mahuru Dai (1) to score a century in the ICC ICUP competition. Mohammad Naveed (4/78) and Imran Haider (4/93) both picked up four (4) wickets for UAE.


UAE had no issues chasing down the 40 run target in less than six (6) overs, losing just one (1) wicket on the way.


After this fixture, the HEBOU PNG Barramundis remain in fourth (4th) place on 40 points on the ICC ICUP Standings, while UAE jump into seventh (7th) position on 27 points. 


Match Summary

1st Innings

HEBOU PNG Barramundis 10/194 (85.3) Jack Vare 38, Chad Soper 38, Mahuru Dai 19, Ahmed Raza 3/38, Qadeer Ahmed 3/45, Mohammad Naveed 2/43, Imran Haider 2/50

UAE 8/441 dec (150.2) Mohammad Usman 103, Saqlain Haider 102*, Rameez Shahzad 63, Laxman Sreekumar 37, Mahuru Dai 4/126, Assad Vala 1/29, Chad Soper 1/52, Nosiana Pokana 1/63


2nd Innings

HEBOU PNG Barramundis 10/286 (86.4) Lega Siaka 142*, Tony Ura 35, Sese Bau 30, Mohammad Naveed 4/78, Imran Haider 4/93

UAE 1/42 (5.5) Shaiman Anwar 32*, Norman Vanua 1/10


UAE defeated HEBOU PNG Barramundis by nine (9) wickets.



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HEBOU PNG Barramundis Squad


1.     Assad Vala (C)

2.        Jack Vare-Kevere

3.        Vani Vagi Morea

4.        Lega Siaka

5.        Tony Ura

6.        Sese Bau

7.        Mahuru Dai

8.         Dogodo Bau

9.         John Boge Reva

10.     Alei Nao

11.     Nosiana Pokana

12.   Chad Soper

13.    Willie Gavera

14.   Norman Vanua



Dipak Patel (Head Coach)

John Ovia (Assistant Coach)

Dou Mavara (Data Analyst)

Matteo Amabile (Physio)

Billy Ame (S&C Coach)

Ross Taylor (Consultant Coach)


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