Coalition for Change and Cricket PNG join forces to tackle domestic violence

Cricket Papua New Guinea, Tue Sep 15, 2015 7:13PM

Coalition for Change (CFC) and Cricket PNG (CPNG) signed an historic partnership yesterday at Amini Park, with both organisations joining forces to tackle the issue of domestic violence against women and children.

Under this agreement, Cricket PNG will be:

1.                                 Carrying out awareness activities in schools and throughout the cricket community on the need to prevent violence against women and children.


2.                                 Working together with CFC to support its annual White Ribbon Day activities by arranging cricket matches with women and girls as well as advocacy that violence against women and children is a crime that must be stopped in our communities.


3.                                 Arranging for educational workshops to be undertaken by the PNG Barramundis (Senior Men’s Team) and the PNG Garamuts (Under 19) Teams in order to promote the need to stop violence against women and children.


4.                                 Providing other support to CFC where necessary.

“Cricket PNG is very delighted and honoured to form this partnership with Coalition For Change PNG, to tackle an issue that face women, children and families all across the country,” said CPNG General Manager, Greg Campbell.

“Through this partnership, we hope that we can educate the community about this very important issue through various programmes. We will be using a number of our national players to be ambassadors and drive this message through to the community along with CFC,” concluded Campbell.

Lady Winifred Kamit, Chairperson of Coalition for Change is also most delighted and honoured to partner with Cricket PNG , a well respected sport which had it’s beginning in the villages of the Papuan coast when the first Christian  missionaries first landed here.

Cricket PNG’s development programmes with women, schools , urban and rural villages , people living with disability provide the greatest opportunities and connections to spread the awareness to prevent violence against women, especially domestic violence  and  violence against children,  nationwide, Lady Kamit said.



Last updated: Tuesday September 15, 2015 7:43PM